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Green Tea Dietary Supplement

Green Tea Diet docks treasure of constituents that are medically important among which polyphenols are more active. Normally tea are in no match to this beverage drink and contain no caffeine, although caffeine is not completely absent they are present in very mild negligible quantities. Caffeine is the most unsafe ingredient present in tea and coffee. Incase of green tea polyphenols are decaffeinated hence making it completely unique and safe drink. Green tea can be consumed not only as beverage but in other forms also. Green tea has another component Choline which is widely present in foods as phospholipids sphingomyelin i.e. is necessary for sustaining life, functioning and structuring of the cells.

Chemistry in Green Tea

Green Tea contains 30 to 40 percent of catechins or commonly known as Flavanol. Important catechins in Green tea are epicatechin 3 gallate (ECG), epicatechin, epigallocatechin and also Epigallcatechin 3 gallate (EGCC) which is higher concentrations. This can be best seen in its chemical structure.

Green tea is been medically proven drink for keeping the nervous system fresh and active for it contains Choline responsible for composition of normal cellular membrane, repair and for functioning of brain and cardiovascular normally. Choline is known as 2-Hydroxy-N, N trimethylethanaminum, bilineurine and trimethylammonium. Chemical structure of Choline is

Antioxidant Protection

Green tea is rich in antioxidant; antioxidants reduce the damaging of cells by decreasing oxidation process. Oxidation is a normal process in all living bodies that produce free radicals which are highly reactive in nature.  Free radicals can not be taken in total to be bad, they are used by body sometimes to kill for destroying unwanted and foreign materials. In the process of destroying they are tend to destroy or damage our cells affecting the DNA in nuclei of cell or mitochondria. Antioxidants protect cells before they get affected by oxidation process keeping them intact in better working condition. Antioxidants are further classified depending on their effect on cells as inert or pro-oxidant. Some antioxidants are sacrificial antioxidants which break down in process of oxidation and some regenerate themselves. This working process of antioxidants in body raises our trust on Green Tea which is filled with antioxidants to understand its impervious action and protection. Most of chronic diseases may be cardiovascular, renal; many types of cancers are the result of free radicals released due to oxidation. Green tea can be called potent free radical scavenger protecting the humans from all such vulnerable diseases.

Common problem faced by many rich people is the Obesity. Green tea is a finest weapon ever for fighting this huge mass disease developed due to unhealthy, excess eating of fatty foods. Green tea contains EGCC that generates thermogenic effects burning out all the excess calories. Green tea also slow downs digestive lipases in vitro, decrease of which results in reduced fat digestion letting the fats out through excretion. Green tea diet supplements are helpful fighting Arthritis. Green tea polyphenols help in reduction of prostaglandin and nitric oxide through inhibiting transcription of kappa B, the nuclear factor.

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