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Green Tea Supplements

Green tea is one of the important consumed beverages in the world. It can be mentioned after water, which is the most, consumed one. Green tea has also been used medicinally for centuries in India and also in China. Consumption of green tea has offered a great help for many health problems. Green tea is also available in powdered extract as dietary supplements. Green tea can be prepared by picking, after that it should be steamed lightly and then the leaves should be allowed to dry. There are some basic differences in the fermentation of black tea and green tea. Because of which a portion of active compounds are destroyed in black tea while they remain exactly active in green tea. Green tea supplements are present in different forms.

Green tea capsules

Green tea capsules can be taken in place of green tea leaves. These capsules help in reducing weight in a great manner. Due to the presence of antioxidants in green tea it helps increasing the metabolic rates of the body. Different pharmaceuticals companies are using extracts of green tea in these weight-reducing capsules. These capsules sometimes worked as stimulant and diuretic. The amount of caffeine present in green tea can be measured as exactly half the amount present in coffee. These capsules usually show no side effects after its intake while most of the weight reducing capsules does have side effects. But these capsules should be taken along with some exercises. These green tea capsules are easily available and can also called as the easiest supplements of the actual green tea leaves. Regular consumption of these capsules can prevent some one from skin rashes and also skin cancer. Getting healthy skin without sunburn is possible with green tea capsules. These also help in preventing respiration problem and any other lung problem. In case of vomiting and headache also green tea capsules prove as useful. Consumption of green tea capsules are highly recommended and these are safest to intake and also easily available.

Green tea pills

Green tea pills are another supplements of green tea leaves, which are equally useful as the original one. In present days people usually don’t get time for own self. Taking green tea pills are the easiest way to burn the extra calories. It is also easier to keep the muscle intact and that too without any side effect. But sometimes it contains caffeine to a higher level and this leads to insomnia. But it is also true that the presence of amino acid fights with that caffeine and keep the individual healthy. The pregnant as well as the mother who are breast-feeding are instructed not to take these pills. Same case happens with the people who are suffering from heart disorders, some psychological problems, kidney problem, etc. The presence of caffeine in these green tea leaves sometimes causes heart palpitation, vomiting tendency, etc. These capsules can be consumed anywhere, at any point of time as because these can be carried easily. These are very useful supplement in case of controlling high blood pressure.

So, it is evident from the above discussion that green tea supplements are as useful as green tea leaves. Also these are easily available and easily consumable as well.

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