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Boat Home Cleaning Remedies

Moored or docked boats can become very easily soiled, and any boat you run requires regular cleaning. Exposure to elements such as windblown dirt and other debris causes the decks of the boat to become very, very soiled.

Therefore, careful attention to your watercraft needs to be considered. This action is shown in far more detail in the next few sections.

Maintenance Guide

There are many different types of cleaners that are used to clean a docked boat. Some of these solutions might be also used for cleaning traditional runabouts, pontoon boats, and closed cabin vessels.

Some of the substances used for this purpose include the following: household cleaning products, laundry detergents, metal polishes, oil soaps, and wood preservatives. Examples of how they are used is shown below.

The next section is different types of boat cleaning jobs described. These are categorized by type of cleaner:

Scrubbing decks-If you want to scrub your deck you should first remove all spill marks from the galley. Then, you can try a gentle cleaner such as Bon Ami or Bar Keeper’s friend. If you cannot find these then plain baking soda also would work. Baking soda works well because it dissolves in water, and for even strong cleaning action on some boat surfaces vinegar could be used.

Wood preservatives-One way to remove stains from wood boat surfaces is to use certain kinds of preservatives and cleaners made just for wood. One very natural solution to use would be lemon oil while another one to be used would be Scott’s Liquid Gold.

Metal polishes-A gentle, not-abrasive polish would be very useful for cleaning chrome-plated metal. This is especially helpful in the event you want to clean up the pennant pole or you want to shine up the bells or bow. You might want to find a solution that works well also on copper, or buy a special solution for cleaning this substance.

Oil soaps (i.e. for salon cleaning)-The salon area of your boat is one that needs to be cleaned as often as possible. One recommended mild soap is the Murphy Oil Soap. It is gentle enough but it also helps remove dirt and grime. Towel dry this area after you have gently scrubbed, wiped, and rinsed this surface and do not wax the area. This area should be ventilated as the sole dries completely.

Laundry detergents-This substance can be used to clean curtains, bedding, zippered cushion covers, or winch bonnets. It also can be used to clean other soft fabrics that are not of a delicate nature. Some of these can even be placed in a washing machine and they can be washed in cold water and air dried to avoid shrinking.

Additional cleaning tips can also be found as you read further published articles. However, the advice shown above can really send you on your way to maintain your boat that can make you proud.

Of course, cleaning it properly on a regular basis can also help you maintain the boat. This is the best way to ensure the longevity of it.

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