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Natural Homemade Streak Free Glass

Windows are the providers of fresh air. As the number of window increases, the air circulation of the house also increases. Windows add beauty to the home too. However, dusty and shabby windows make the home unattractive. The cleanliness of the window depends mainly on the cleanliness of the window glass. A clean window glass can bring even rainbows to your home.

However, cleaning the window is not an attractive task. First and foremost, it is boring and tiresome! The cleaning lotions can make the job easy. There are a lot of glass cleaners available in the market and most of them are expensive. The commercial use suits them. For homely use, homemade steak free window cleaner is the better choice. Anybody can make natural window cleaner from natural ingredients.


  1. At first, you should make a vinegar water solution. One or two teaspoons of vinegar is enough. Pour warm water into a twenty ounce spry bottle. Shake the solution well and spray it on the window glass. Now, you can wipe away the water. The grease and dust will disappear as well.
  1. By mixing one cup of white vinegar with two table spoon rubbing alcohol, we get a very good window cleaner. Spraying and wiping small areas will be an easy job. You can then wipe away the dust and grease with a piece of cotton cloth or a newspaper sheet.
  1. Ammonia vinegar window cleaner is a good choice. What you need to do is to take a gallon of water. Warm water is better than cold water. Half cup of ammonia can be mixed with it. This can be used as a window cleaner.
  1. If you add half cup of vinegar and four teaspoon corn starch to it, the result will be superb. Spraying it on small sections of window and wiping it make the window shine.
  1. Lemon water window cleaner can be another choice as an ingrediant.

All these are natural substances and so they are harmless. These window cleaners make no threat to our health.

It is better to choose a cloudy day to clean the windows. The cloudy day is better than a sunny day for this job. The sun dries the lotion up quickly. This makes the job a little harder.

The easy way to clean your windows can be followed by you as you seek to save time and precious energy. To clean the upper portions, you can ask some bodies help or a good ladder. If you can afford paper towel, it is better. Paper towel can be folded and wipe. When it gets stained, we can use the other side. If you use newspaper, use only black and white portion only!

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