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Home Remedy For Cleaning Hair Follicles

The hair follicles on your scalp often can become scabbed or blocked. This often occurs as a result of hormonal imbalances or because of a medical condition.

Clogging or scabbing also might occur due to poor hygiene or improper nutrition. Home remedies can help you restore the condition of your scalp to prevent future scabbing and clogging that could cause acne and skin problems.

Safe home remedies can also help reduce irritation. This leads to less desire to itch your scalp, and it also helps reduce the formation of scabs, acne, and other scalp skin problems.

Treatment Options

There are several treatment options available to people who want to condition their scalp. These solutions require only use of common household ingredients and cleaners. Some of the ingredients you see as mentioned below are found already in your home or a nearby natural food or grocery story.

Please try one or more of these kinds of remedies, but it is recommended you try them separately:

  • One way to treat your scalp is to combine one part salt to two parts water. Then, you can pour this onto your scalp and massage carefully and thoroughly. Afterwards, you should then rinse your head. The salt helps reduce oil buildup that would block hair follicles.
  • One part apple cider vinegar mixed with four parts water also might help. After you massage this simple solution into your scalp you can then shampoo your hair and then apply conditioner to your scalp. This helps keep your head from drying out and this helps keep your hair healthy.
  • Using warm but not too hot of water in the shower can really help. The heat and steam procedures you use will help open up your hair follicles. This is what helps prevent and remove scaly skin.
  • You can make a thick fruity paste out of saw palmetto. This substance mixed with nettle massaged into the scalp acts as a conditioning shampoo. You can leave this sit on your scalp for 10 minutes and then follow this step with a gentle shampoo and conditioner.
  • Eating a well-balanced diet that has plenty of fruits and vegetables in it really helps. This can help improve your immune system and this can help improve the condition of your scalp.
  • Something else that might help is just simply using the right kind of shampoo and conditioner. You want a solution that will keep your scalp not to oily and not too dry.

There may be some varieties of oil treatments that can be used along with hot or warm water. Use the instructions carefully if you choose this method of scalp conditioning. You can learn more on the product packaging of whatever oil scalp conditioning treatment you use.

You might also want to research further instructions pertaining to herbal and natural solutions shown in this article. This particular article is meant to be a general guide only, and if you have severe scalp problems you should get checked by a doctor.

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