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Home Remedies For Cleaning Leather Purses

Sometimes, food or wine can be spilled on a purse. As a result, it can become very greasy and numerous household cleaners are available to help remove stains and dirt.

You can find many home remedies to use to help remove stains and dirt that cost way less than cleaners that have toxic chemicals in them. The home remedies you make may even save you from the cost of having to buy a new purse.

Some Practical Tips

What you see below is a variety of ways to clean various types of leather that has been soiled or stained. The method you choose depends on the source and severity of the dirt or stain spot.

  • One way to clean leather purses is to use alcohol-free baby wipes. This helps remove the surface of the dirt and oil that accumulates on the outside of the purse.
  • An alternative way to clean a purse is to use small drops of alcohol on a cotton swab. This helps especially for removing ink stains that often occur when handling a pen and a purse at the same time.
  • Cream of tartar can be used on your leather. It especially works with an equal portion of lemon juice and it is very useful in removing deep-colored stains. This method of purse cleaning especially works well with wine and blood stains.
  • When using the above cream of tartar cleaning method remember to let the tartar and lemon stand for 10 minutes. Then wipe this solution off and dry off your leather accessory with a clean towel.
  • There are erasers made especially for cleaning suede leather specifically that you can use. However, an art gum eraser serves a similar purpose. This helps rub away any dirt or unwanted stain that may be present on this very hard-to-clean material.
  • Saddle soap can be very helpful for removing excessive alcohol stains from your purse. This solution plus warm water and a washcloth is what works the best.
  • A modest amount of denatured alcohol and water sprayed onto your purse to be set and rubbed off can really help remove mold. Let the alcohol and water sit on the mold for 3 minutes and then wipe it dry.
  • As far as conditioning leather after treating and removing mold, you can use a soft cloth into wax shoe polish. This should be applied in a circular motion.

Cleaning White Leather

Just a couple of drops of dish soap and warm water can help you clean your most prized white leather pieces. All you need to do is dip a soft cloth into this mixture and wring it out.

Then, use the damp wash rag to carefully and gently rub the leather garment.Then, if you wish to protect the surface of your white leather piece you can spray it with an even light coat of hairspray.

It does not take very long for the hairspray to dry. Once it is dry, you should then wipe the leather item clean with a soft cloth.

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