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How To Clean Sterling Silverware?

Sterling silverware is not the purest form of silver as it has an 8% mixture of copper and other essential alloys that are very important to hold the silverwares in the best possible shape. Sterling silver is one of the metal that can offer a very long life if proper care is taken. The fact associated with this type of silver is that it last for more time when it is used regularly. There are many chemical available in the market that speaks volumes about cleaning this metal but not all of them are good and in fact it is hard to trust any of them. In another aspect, there is no need to go after these chemicals when there are so many cleaning options available at home only. The only thing that is required with home cleaners is some hard work and a through process needs to be followed. The process consists of a series of steps.


  1. The first move is to keep the sterling ware in a dish with some warm water in it. This will make the impurities lose their grip from the surface of the metal.
  2. In the warm water, add a bit if dish washing soap that will be effective in cleaning the disc of the silverware.
  3. Now use a soft cloth or a scrubber made up of nylon to scrub the metal all over.
  4. For dark and strong stains, one may use some quantity of baking soda which is a very good home cleaning material.
  5. As soon as this part is completed, the sterling must be washed again with warm water and thoroughly soaked with a towel so that no liquid is left on the surface of the metal.
  6. If, despite carrying out the steps there are some stains and tarnish on the silverware, one may also use alcohol to clean those spots completely.
  7. Pour a bit of alcohol on a piece of cloth or a towel and then use it to rub the surface of the sterling silverware. This is done so that alcohol is absorbed on the stains entirely. The dry part of the towel or a fresh cloth can be used to rub it upto the time stains do not disappear completely.

Now that all the cleaning is done and the surface of the metal is as good and fresh as new this is the time to bring the lost shine of the metal by polishing it with silver paper of cloth. The silver paper polishes the surface in such a manner that the lost shine is recovered upto a great extent.

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