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How To Clean And Care For Slate Floor Tile?

Smooth, elegant, beautiful and versatile- slate floors are the loveliest flooring one can ask for; it is neither too expensive like marble nor low in quality and yet can give the decent look to any floor. It is always better to have your slate flooring installed by appointing an expert so that you can have the “perfect finish”. A wide variety of colors are available in pattern work and matt finish, including black, green, red and grey. Slate tiles are also available in varying sizes and shapes so that one can design them according to one’s choice. Slate floors are easiest to maintain. A slate floor is also one of the most difficult to maintain because acidic solutions may corrode a patch in the floor, thus, completely destroying it. It is to be noted that proper sealing is a must for slate flooring or else the tiles may come off in due course of time.

Things you will need:

  1. Sponge/micro fiber mop (which has steaming facility)
  2. A bucket of warm water
  3. Plain soap or moderately mild detergent for cleaning
  4. Wax for polishing


  1. You can buy a slate cleaner from the store. If it is not available, a plain soap is good enough. Use the soap to clean the floor along with the bucket of warm water. The warm water ensures that the soap completely dissolves in it. Use the sponge or micro fiber mop to clean the floor using the soap. Use soaps that are less alkaline in nature or else your floor may develop white patches.
  2. Use the steam cleaner mop (you can buy them at a departmental or hardware shop) and clean the floor twice or thrice. Before doing this, wipe away any spills, oil or dirt followed by a vacuum clean to remove the dust that is present. Let the floor area dry on its own.
  3. This process must be followed by waxing the floor, with acrylic or water-based waxes. Acrylic ones last for a longer period of time. Waxing of the floor should be done on a regular basis to give the floor a brand new look. Make sure the wax is a good one and safe for the slate your have installed.

Tips and warnings:

When you are buying a new slate tile, ask the shopkeeper whether a maintenance guide is available or not. Many varieties of slate tiles have different maintenance instructions. Hence, you should know about the kind you buy.

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