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Grandma Cleaning Home Remedies

Some of the simplest but best home remedies were taught to us by our grandmas. The best part about one of the home remedies you see listed blow is the fact that each one of these methods is non-toxic.

Not only that, but each one of these ways of cleaning that your grandma or other significant person in your life taught you to use is very inexpensive. One advantage of using home remedies that are taught to you by your grandma (or other significant guardian) is that they are less likely to harm children. Pets are generally safer as well.

Yet, these remedies are very simple to mix and very simple to use. Just keep reading to learn some valuable home cleaning tips:

  • A simple window cleaning solution can be made from ½ teaspoon dish soap, 2 cups water, and ¼ cup white vinegar. These ingredients can be mixed or shaken up before or after being poured into a spray bottle.
  • If you really want a streak-free shine when cleaning your windows you can do that without using harsh chemicals as well. Newspaper can be used for cleaning windows if you want a suburb shine. A squeegee also helps.
  • One natural method of removing carpet stains involves using a 1:3 vinegar-to-water solution. This can take care of just about any stain. Note, however, that this method usually works best on fresher stains.
  • When attempting to use even solutions that are considered safe in an inconspicuous area. For instance, the vinegar-water solution above should be tested in a hidden area of your carpet just to make sure the carpet will not be discolored as a result.
  • When removing a stain from furniture upholstery or carpet it is best if you let whatever chosen solution, stand on it for up to five minutes. Again, you should test this remedy in a hidden spot, but if it works you can try it for all furniture or carpet stains.
  • Here is something you might not know. Certain fruits and vegetables have often come in handy as a general cleaning aid. One great example of such is a mixture of lemon peels and water, which along with a clean towel can clean a copper or aluminum pot.
    * Another food-based cleaning tips involves the use of a raw potato cut in half. This ran across the pot has a similar affect as would a lemon peel.
  • An alternative method for residue removal would be to use salt and lemon, especially when cleaning a glass coffee pot. This method of residue removal can probably be used on other glassware as well.
  • Water from cooked potatoes can also do wonders. This is a method of cleaning that often is recommended for use with shining up rather dull-looking glass vases.
  • Another very valuable use for vinegar is for removing chewing gum. It is recommended that you use it at full strength for best results. However, you should use with caution on certain surfaces, such as painted or untreated wood.

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