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Household Remedies For Cleaning Aluminum Rims

Aluminum is a metal that was discovered in the early 1800s. During this time it was a rare commodity-just as rare as precious metals (i.e. silver or gold).

When aluminum was first discovered, it was not used but for special aircraft and expensive home décor. However, it is nowadays used to create nearly everything from pie pans to lawn chairs.

Care Methods

Aluminum is taken care of in a variety of ways. The care methods described below pertain especially to the cleaning of grease, tar, and dirt off of aluminum automobile rims.

The methods promoted below are home remedies using less harsh, non-toxic ingredients. The use of these is encouraged because they can help eliminate the need for harsh chemicals that can cause harm to the environment.

Dish soap and baking soda-One method of cleaning can be accomplished using these to very common household substances. Just mix enough dish soap into a bucket of water and then sprinkle some baking soda onto a sponge and start scrubbing.

A wet sponge or a green scrubbing pad is best for this purpose, and it may require scrubbing vigorously for at least a few minutes for the dirt and debris to be removed. After you are done scrubbing the rim you can then rinse it well with water. A dish soap such as Dawn that has a degreasing agent in it is most helpful for this job.

Lemon juice and soda-These two ingredients create a powerful synthesis. Once you have mixed equal amounts of these two elements together you can then use a soft scrubbing pad or a stiff-bristled brush to help remove the rim stains. After you are done, you can then rinse with clean water.

Cola-The phosphorous in this kind of soda especially works towards eating at rust. Dip a clean rag in a mixture of colon and water and then spread it and rub it all over the rims of your car. It is highly recommended that you leave the cola sit on the rim for a few minutes before you scrub and rinse. You can wipe dry with a clean towel if you want to make sure no liquid spots are left behind.

WD40-This is a substance that is normally used as a lubricant to help loosen tight nuts and bolts. It often is also used to help moisten gears and other turning elements. However, it also has been known to help cut grease and sticky substances that appears on car rims. Just spray a generous amount of this grease killer onto the rim and then scrub with a green scrubby.

Pure vinegar (or vinegar and water)-If you want to use pure vinegar or 1 part vinegar and 1 part water on your aluminum rims this would help. It can help you get rid of the white spots. Just put some vinegar and/or water on a dry sponge and start wiping. If you need some abrasive action wipe with the vinegar/water sponge and then add baking soda and scrub some more. Make sure you have clean rinse water on hand and/or dry towel to use afterwards.

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