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Get Stains Out Of Marble Table

Marble table is a valuable item. However, a top stained one is sure to disturb us. We can remove the stains on it without causing any damage to its beauty.


  1. Take some luck warm water in a dish and pour two or three drops of dish washer liquid in it. Take a sponge and dip it in the water and wring it the out. After that is done, gently clean the table top. If the stain is hard, we can repeat the ‘rubbing’ part.
  2. When the marble get cleaned, never let it dry naturally. Instead of this, a soft dry cloth can be used to dry up the marble. This is to avoid any further damage. Marble is sensitive substance. It can be easily be damaged.
  3. Any acidic substance can damage the marble. Vinegar and lemon are acidic and hence you should avoid using it to clean marble top.
  4. When the marble top is deeply stained, polishing can be done. There are different types of marble polishing. Among them mirror polishing and mat polishing is common. Polishing is also a type of rubbing. A machine is used to rub away the stained portion of the marble. The inner layer of the marble is thus exposed. However, this process costs quite a lot of money.

Self cleaning is always advisable to a middle class family. The cost of living can be controlled in this way. The only thing to remember is that you should always study the proper methods of cleaning. The marble top of the table may be sometimes damaged by vinegar stains. It may happen that lemon juice falls on it. This stain is not as simple as other stains. Vinegar or lemon can totally erode marble. It can make holes on marble. If we could not prevent it, it’s better to forget installing marble tables and floors in the first place! Even polishing cannot give the perfection it had when it was new!

A well cleaned marble table increases the beauty of the dining room. It shines and spreads a cool effect in the whole room. The quality and colour may differ but marble is always regarded as regal! There are different varieties of marbles in different places of the world. We get it in different shades too. The Italian marble is expensive but Indian marble is comparatively cheap. The marble is a gift of the nature.

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