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Home Remedies To Kill Lice And Clean Homes

Lice can spread very easily and eliminating it for good can be a hard task. Lice are not dangerous creatures but they are rather annoying.

Therefore, a way to get rid of these bothersome critters is most readily sought. Home remedies can be used for hair treatments as well as home cleaning of lice, knits, and eggs.

Hair Treatments

One common home treatment used for lice is mayonnaise. In order to use it you should cover your scalp, and you should also use mayonnaise that is not refrigerated.

Vaseline is another option, but unlike mayonnaise it can be more difficult to wash out. This solution should be washed several times with dish-washing soap if you decide to use it.

Another home remedy often used is a vinegar and hot water rinse. However, you should be careful not to get the vinegar in your eyes.

The vinegar substance loosens the knits (lice eggs) from the scalp. After that, they can be washed or combed out. A special knit comb should be used for this purpose.

Some Concerns

The degree of effectiveness of the above-mentioned treatments is to be highly debated. In fact, these treatments have been considered ineffective according to certain professionals and individuals.

However, for people who want to use natural methods of lice removal the above treatments combined with a metal nit comb can help. You also might find additional natural methods that could help you.

Home Treatment

All clothes and bed linens should be washed in hot water. You could also wash certain types of stuffed animals, pillows, and bedding in a wash machine. Then, you can dry them.

If certain stuffed animals or other objects you place on your bed (i.e. throw pillows) cannot be washed in a washer you can deal with them some other way. They should be in a plastic bag for two weeks so all the lice will die, as lice cannot live without human contact.

After this, the carpets, furniture, mattresses, pillows, and car interiors should be vacuumed thoroughly. You could use a commercial insecticide. However, beware of contact with small children and small pets.

Additional Suggestions

Any hair brushes or combs that have been used on the hair should be soaked in hot water for a minimum of 15 minutes. This should be done in order for the lice to be killed. The alternative of course would be to replace all combs and brushes.

Prevention Help

One way to prevent spread of lice is to have everyone in the family use their own comb or brush. No one else in the family should use the same one. It also helps to wash bedding and upholstery frequently in order to ensure that lice to not live long.

Keeping your house clean can also help in another way. It helps keep the nits and lice at bay so they never return.

A variety of remedies also exist out there that use ingredients such as apples, onions, ground custard, garlic. You should follow whatever specific recipe is used with these ingredients very carefully.

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