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Home Remedies For Cleaning Grease

Grease is often one of the most stubborn substances to remove. It is especially hard to get out of fabric and it can become even stuck on a stovetop after cooking.

Whatever method you use to clean grease it should be done using a product that helps break down and dissolve the oil. A variety of home remedies are used to help conquer these grease stains when they occur, and these are safe solutions that will not harm you, your family, or the environment.

Some Options

You can clean grease in several ways. However, you choose to do it the solution should be mild enough for cleaning and breaking down grease. Just be careful that you use one of the following solutions on the appropriate surfaces.

For instance, you can try one of these solutions but make sure it will not damage furniture, countertops, painted surfaces, carpeting, or even clothing:

Cornstarch-This is a substance that helps soak up oil and grease out of clothing, carpeting, or leather products. All you do is sprinkle a moderate amount of this substance onto the grease and then leave it sit overnight. You can then brush off the cornstarch and/or if it is on the carpet vacuum it off.

Aloe vera-This is a natural substance that when used in the right amount along with water can be used as a pre-wash rinse. You might want to test this substance first in a small area of an old piece of clothing to make sure it will work.

White vinegar-This substance when undiluted seems to work the best. It helps break down the greasy film that is left on stove tops. The acid in white vinegar helps break down hardened grease. If you let this substance sit on the grease for about 10 minutes it can soften the stain even more if you are wiping it.

Mineral oil (or other lubricant)-This as well as certain other oils can help loosen grease stains from clothing. For best results, you might want to consider filling a spray bottle with the oil and then dispense it this way. If you want to remove stuck-on stains you should let the stain sit for 30 minutes. This helps loosen the grease some, and gets it ready to be washed in a wash machine.

Additional Advice

Sometimes when you mix baking soda together with vinegar it can do wonders. It acts not only as a grease cutter but also as a mild abrasive. It is not likely to scratch the surface or cause any kind of damage like chemical cleaners might do.

There are also other ways to clean grease out of a carpet. For instance, you can mix baking soda and corn starch on a stain and let it sit between 10 and 30 minutes. After that, you can then vacuum up the powder after it has absorbed most of the grease.

Yet one more cleaning solution calls for dish detergent (1/2 tsp. preferably clear), white vinegar (1 ½ cup), and 1 cup warm water. This solution should be mixed together and applied to a wet cloth to be used for blotting into the stain. You can flush this solution with cold water and then dry again.

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