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Home Cleaning Remedies for Candle Wax

A romantic mood can easily be set. Strategically placing candles in a dark room is one of the ways in which this ambiance can be created. However, sometimes the wax can leave a bit of a mess behind.

Of course, you should not burn a candle unattended. It also helps to have the proper kind of candlestick or other dish to catch the wax. Still, a mess can be created.

Five Common Scenarios

What you see below is instances in which was needs to be cleaned. Notice that this is done differently depending upon the purpose.

  1. How to clean wax off of carpet-A household iron works very well for this purpose. Just be careful not to melt the carpet itself. It is highly suggested that you put the iron on medium to low heat before using on the carpet to remove the wax. Text in an inconspicuous area if necessary. You can also use a paper or cloth that will not melt to separate the iron plate from the carpet.
  2. Hard surface-A paint scraper or plastic knife can remove wax from hard surfaces. It especially works on scratch-resistant countertops, but never try it on delicate or painted surfaces. Never use too sharp of a scraper either, regardless of the surface you are cleaning off.
  3. Waxed-stained fabric-One way to clean waxed out of fabric is to use a little bit of commercial fabric or upholstery cleaner on the affected area. This applied to a clean sponge and dabbed on to make the application process easier. For more stubborn wax clothing stains 1 part rubbing alcohol to 2 parts water or hand-washing soap with a few drops of ammonia can help.
  4. Wax on glass-When candle wax splatters or spills onto glass it can be tough to clean off when dry. If possible, try to pour it out when wet although this has to be done very quickly. If it is already dry, a hair dryer on medium heat pointed about 12 inches above the hardened wax can really help. Just heat the wax until it liquefies.
  5. Tile and grout-One of the places in the home that is usually covered in wax is the kitchen or bathroom floor. Of course, the main reason why is these are common romantic settings.

The first step is to just let the wax cool naturally. Then, when the wax is at room temperature you can use a soft piece of wood such as a handle from a wooden spoon. Another option would be to use a credit card especially on very tiny grout lines.

  1. Wood-Hot wax can very easily spill on a wooden piece of furniture. This wax should be hardened as soon as possible. If do not want to wait to harden the wax you can place a piece of ice cube against the wax to freeze it.

After it is cooled down some you should then scrape away the wax with a thin, dull object. Never use a sharp object for this and never use any metal or pointed device of any kind for this purpose.

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