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Home Remedies For Cleaning DVDs

It can be frustrating to put in your favorite DVD and then realize it will not play like it normally would. The build-up from greasy fingers as well as the scratches resulting from mishandling is usually the main problem.

If you cannot play your DVD you might want to find a way to clean it. Chances are you have the right tools and solutions to clean it without even going to the store. Of course, these same principles apply to using CDs, if you do still play them.

Your Options

The most common way to clean your DVD is to use a soft cloth and rubbing alcohol. Be careful when you are doing this not to scratch the DVD, and there is a differing of opinion about how this is done, just so you know.

One method involves stroking the cloth from the center of the DVD towards the outside edges of it. The argument against doing it this way is that it could scratch the DVD more than would wiping in a circular motion.’

However, it also is said that wiping your DVD in a circular motion could cause some of the dirt from the DVD to fall into the creases of it. However, you choose to clean your disc just remember to be careful not to scratch it.

Wipe your disc gently, but also make sure it is dry. The alcohol should dry very quickly but you should still wipe the area promptly with a dry towel for best results.

Here are some other ways you can clean your DVD:

Use toothpaste-You can wipe and buff your DVD using toothpaste and a soft cloth. Be careful not to scratch your DVDs as you wipe and gently scrub in a circular motion. You should do this especially on the areas of your disc that have the most scratches. Then, you should give the DVD a final cleaning with rubbing alcohol in order to remove any toothpaste residue.

Furniture polish-Using some of this solution along with a soft cloth can really do wonders. You can use these items together to polish the surface of a DVD. Just take a bit of the furniture polish and gently massage it in circular motion over the scratched areas of a disc.

Once you are done, you can then wipe your DVD dry, and one method to use would be to make straight strokes with a cloth from the center of a DVD outward. Once finished, you should then wipe the DVD with rubbing alcohol and clean, dry cloth to remove the polish residue.

Line-free dust rag-This can help wipe off the loose dirt that might accumulate on your DVDs or CDs when sitting for awhile. All you need to do is wipe it quickly before putting it into your machine, and by the way it can prolong the life of your DVD (or CD) player.


Using water on your DVDs (or CDs) is generally frowned upon. It can damage them to the point where they might warp or they may just no longer be playable as the info can be wiped from them.

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