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Do I Need Pollution Liability Insurance?

Insurance carriers offer pollution liability insurance. This kind of insurance often covers costs that arise as a result of fuel or chemical spills or toxic gas spills.

This is a complicated issue. Therefore, do not expect to get all your answers from just reading below. However, you can get an idea of how this kind of insurance can help a company.

Who Needs it?

Farmers and livestock owners might carry this kind of insurance. Companies who are involved in manufacturing processes that emit pollution into the air might also need this kind of coverage.

A variety of general trade and specialty contractors may also require this kind of insurance. Anyone involved in large scale industrial pursuits of any kind might also need it.

What does it cover?

Liability insurance usually covers accidents or spills such as local waterway or well chemical runoffs, chemical or gas leaks, or hazardous chemical transport vehicle accidents. Other types of liability insurance may even cover costs related to nearby neighborhood bystanders that have found that they as well as their homes or property are damaged.

Of course, farm pollution is also covered. Therefore, the cost of cleaning up livestock waste that has made its way to local ponds or waterways is covered. Any other damages resulting from farm-related environmental hazard or chemical spill-even a pesticide spill-might be covered.

Additional types of liability insurance might cover the cost of any pollution accident that would occur at a landfill. This kind of insurance might also cover any unexpected cleanup costs that might occur upon transfer of commercial or factory property ownership.

Along those lines, any kind of omission or error in reports that occurs between transfer of commercial or industrial ownership is covered. For instance, if it is claimed that a certain industrial site is free of pollution but it really is not a certain kind of insurance coverage can help offset these costs.

The idea is to help lessen the convenience to a new owner in the event the previous owner was not completely honest. It is sad that liability insurance might be needed for this reason, but it also could just be an honest mistake.

Additionally, in the event that a state may require lower thresholds of pollution on site this stricter standard may be covered by some policies. This is especially helpful in the event a property owner cannot afford to unexpectedly clean up a mess due to changing standards.


If you are a farm or factory owner you may need liability insurance. The kind of coverage you need may vary, and of course the costs of such may differ.

You should really consider the above reasons for needing liability insurance but this advice does not replace expert advice. Regarding this matter, large scale commercial insurance carriers would be your best resource.

As far as purchasing variations of pollution liability insurance is concerned, it is recommended that both catastrophic and non-catastrophic provisions are made. That way long term contamination build-up as well as emergency accidental spills are paid for.

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