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Home Remedy Clean Silver Plated Spoons

Silver often loses its luster over time unless it is properly cleaned. More importantly, if your silver-plated spoons are already tarnished you may need to take some extra special care actions.

If you want to restore your silver-plated pieces you can accomplish this feat just using everyday household products. Using everyday home ingredients and substances will help you achieve the same results without using chemical solutions that are harmful to the environment as well as to your family.

A Short Guide

Some of the kinds of ingredients you can use to clean your silver-plated spoons include the following: baking soda, aluminum foil, salt, and vinegar. These substances are often used as cleaning solutions because they are biodegradable.

To get started on your mission to clean your silver-plated spoons you should first lay down some aluminum foil. Then, boil some water and add to that hot water baking soda and salt. This then should be poured over the top of the spoons and the aluminum foil.

When the ingredients above are combined and applied to the spoons and foil in the way as mentioned above a certain chemical reaction takes place. This causes the tarnish from the spoons to transfer to the aluminum foil.

To finish the job properly, the following tips also may help:

  • If your silver-coated spoons are heavily tarnished, they may require several treatments. This might require not only the method presented above but also perhaps shining each piece with a concentrated form of vinegar and/or water solution.
  • Although home treatments work well, of course the one sacrifice is the little bit extra time it would take over using other solutions. The payoff though is a home remedy is less harsh.
  • Before trying any home anti-tarnish remedy on your best silverware pieces you might want to test it out. Find a less valuable piece lying around your home or even go to the local thrift store to find a piece. This will ensure total safety and preservation of your silver.
  • Silverware is one of the items that often is cleaned using the tips in this article. However, certain kinds of silver-plated and sterling silver dishes might also be cleaned this way. The same is true of certain kinds of silver jewelry.
  • If you choose to clean all of your silver pieces at once, do not do it in a metal tub. It is better if you do it in a plastic tub. This will help prevent scratching of your pieces if you do not want to wash them individually.

Additional Advice

Even if you do not use your most expensive pieces of silver flatware or other silver dishes very often you should still clean them. Mild soap and water can help maintain them. Jewelry can be clean in a similar way.

In any case, distilled water should be used rather than tap water so none of your pieces are further discolored. Also, if you want to polish your pieces this might require extra special attention using silver polish.

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