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Home Remedy For Cleaning Floor Grout

Many people are turning to homemade cleaning solutions to get the job done. This is a shift in society brought on by the awareness that many commercially-produced grout cleaners have harmful chemicals in them.

You are advised to watch out because some commercial chemicals are very, very toxic and are dangerous to inhale. Naturally, a safe alternative is making your own grout cleaner with common household ingredients.

Using natural household ingredients not only are safer for your respiratory health but they also do not cause allergies. The trick of course is finding a recipe or formula that is actually not only safe but is also effective.

The following steps can help you create the best solution possible:

  1. First create a mixture with equal parts of white vinegar and ammonia. The recommended amount would be ½ cup of these solutions. This mixed along with ¼ cup baking soda in a spray bottle can do wonders.
  2. After you have created your mixture, shake it well. This will help combine all the ingredients together.
  3. Spray your cleaning solution directly onto the grout. Then, you should let it sit for a few minutes as this will help loosen up the stains, grime, and mineral deposits for easier removal.
  4. After you have let your homemade grout cleaning solution remain for a few minutes on the tile surface grab an old toothbrush. It is best if you use a soft or medium bristled one as to not damage the tile or adhesive.
  5. After you are finished cleaning you can then rinse the area well and wipe it with a sponge. Then, repeat the spraying, soaking, and scrubbing steps a second time if necessary.

What not to Do

The solution recommended above is recommended because it is far milder than many commercial remedies. Also remember that a toothbrush is recommended because it is soft enough yet abrasive enough to remove most of the dirt and grime especially in between the tiles.

You should never under any circumstances using a steel wool pad because it can remove the adhesive in between the grout pieces. It can also damage or scratch the grout surfaces.

It also is not recommended that you use a green scrub pad because the dye of the scrub pad may cause scuffing, and green marks would appear on the grout surface. Only use a scrub brush or other equally as soft of a bristle scrubbing device.

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