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Limestone Counters: How To Protect Them?

Limestone is made from remains of organisms that dwell in the water and calcium. It is used by humans for many purposes. The stone is used for making countertops and flooring tiles! If you maintain it properly, the stone can last for really long time. Most limestone structures are known to last a century! You can get materials made from limestone in various colors. The limestone is strong and does not wear off quickly. However, it can be susceptible to staining or fracturing, if not maintained properly. All you need to do in order to ensure that the limestone lasts long, is regular maintenance.


  1. You should clean the limestone floor as soon as something sticky falls on it as it is not desirable for the floor to soak the liquid! The problem with limestone is that it is porous! Small surface openings can be seen in limestone rock and hence it is necessary to wipe your floor with a dry cloth as soon as any liquid falls on it!
  2. You would do well by placing a mat or a pad under devices or appliances in order to prevent the passage of heat or vibration from the appliance to the limestone floor.
  3. In order to prevent the leaking of condensation on the surface of the limestone, you should put coasters under taps and drink containers!
  4. You should steer clear of using abrasive cleaners as the cleaners can stain the limestone surface. If you want to clean the limestone floor, the best solution is to use dishwashing liquid with warm water. Most of the spills and stains will be wiped off by using this method!
  5. Whenever you wish to cut meat, use a cutting board. If you do this, you are preventing the limestone from coming in contact with the knife! You are also preventing juices of meat from being absorbed by the limestone.

You will always want your limestone floor to be clean won’t you? You should follow all these tips if you want your house to shine. Using limestone flooring sure will attract neighbors for parties or for social gatherings. Limestone flooring looks wonderful, especially if you have a big house!


Although vinegar is one of the best cleaning agents, you may not want to use it on limestone flooring! The reason for this is that vinegar due to its chemical composition is acidic and the limestone floor is sensitive to acidic substances!

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