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Home Remedies For Cleaning Cabinets

The cabinets you have in your kitchen and the bathroom are the rooms in the house that are the most often used. Therefore, it helps to keep up daily and weekly cleaning regimes.

Oftentimes natural verses chemical solutions are used for this purpose. This is because they are less expensive and also they are far less toxic, and yet they still get the job done.

Here are some safe household ingredients and solutions used for cleaning your kitchen cabinets made of non-porous materials (not wood or stone):

Baking soda and vinegar-These two ingredients create a powerful synthesis. These ingredients can be used to handle some of the toughest cleaning jobs. It is the carbonic acid reaction that occurs (the fizzing and crackling sound) when this ingredient duo is combined that does wonders. A damp sponge helps wipe away the grease as it removes cooking odors. The baking soda acts as a mild scrubbing abrasive and the vinegar disinfects. You can rinse and/or wipe off the baking residue when done.

Olive oil and lemon juice-All you need is ½ cup of olive oil and 1 tbsp. of real lemon juice for this recipe. These ingredients then should be mixed together and used to clean and polish your cabinets.

Toothpaste-This is a great substance used to clean water stains. The white toothpaste works the best for this project. Gel is not recommended at all. All it takes is a small amount of the toothpaste to get rid of the water stain. This sitting for about five minutes and then wiped off with a damp cloth can do wonders.

Baking soda (alone)-This is a very mild abrasive. It can removed dried-on stains and foods from most kitchen surfaces, such as countertops or cupboards. All you need to do is dip a sponge into warm water that has baking soda in it. Then wipe off the cabinets with the sponge and use a clean, damp towel for removing the leftover residue.

For Wood Cabinets

If the cabinets in your home are mostly made of wood, a variety of materials can be used to clean them. For some of the tougher wood cleaning jobs you can mix together 1 part mineral oil or linseed oil with 1 ½ parts of pumice.

Along with that you would then add 1 ½ parts of limestone powder (rottenstone). In case you are wondering, the rottenstone can be found in woodworking stores.

This is a solution that helps soften and clean your wood cabinets. However, a different solution might be used for painted wood cabinets.

If your cabinet is painted, you can first remove the dust with a small, soft-bristled brush or a soft cleaning rag. After this, you can then add 2 tbsp. ammonia to 1 gallon of warm water.

Test this solution in a hidden spot just to make sure it does not wear off the cabinet paint while cleaning. You should clean your cabinets using a clean cloth dipped in a small amount of this solution that you have created.

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