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How To Clean Greasy Hair?

Greasy hair might be the result of a number of activities. It is mostly caused to people who are constantly engaged in outdoor activities, especially work, sports or school. This takes place when there is an over-production of sebum (a secretion in the scalp that keeps the scalp from drying up) or excessive use of oil that mixes with dirt and pollutants to render hair greasy. It makes your hair lose its shine and also makes it more breakable. If you are a person with thick, fine hair, you are more prone to grease in the hair as sebaceous glands multiply with the amount of hair. To avoid this, you can follow the simple instructions below.

Thing you will need:

  1. Oil-controlling shampoo or a shampoo for oily hair (preferably of a good brand)
  2. Soft water (that allows easy cleaning)
  3. Diluted lemon juice extract or apple cider vinegar
  4. Blotting papers in sufficient quantity


  1. Get yourself a good quality shampoo that is best suited for oil-controlling or removing dirt. Check in the store for transparent shampoos as they tend to be less adulterated. They are more effective in removing grease which might become worse due to use of shampoos with additives.
  2. Use this shampoo to wash your hair completely at least once a day during your bath. Use cool, soft water to wash your hair. If it is too cold, use slightly warm water. Hot or boiling water may harm your hair without doing any good because oil is immiscible in water. Let the shampoo settle on your hair for at least five minutes.
  3. Wash off the shampoo off your hair properly. Cool water greatly helps in reducing the production of sebum.

Tips and warnings:

  1. Avoid excessive combing or brushing of your hair. It will help in transferring the oil secretion to the whole length of the hair. If you do brush your hair frequently, try to do it in the morning or after a shampoo when your hair is free of grease.
  2. Try to keep the hair away from your face. This is because if you sweat, the oil from your face will also be conveyed to your hair.
  3. Hair gel or creams add on to the oiliness of your hair. Try to use them as less as possible.
  4. Occasionally clean your comb or hair brush so prevent further greasing of your hair due to the oil that sticks to them.

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