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Health Tip

Remove Smelly Hair

The beauty of a person depends much on the beauty of the hair of the person. Both men and woman like to have beautiful hair. The fact that beautiful hair should be always clean and healthy is not understated. Healthy hair always smells good. However, there are men and woman who hair smells really bad! An excellent solution for all of them is available!


  1. You may be cleaning your hair every day in the morning. The dust from the road side, cigarettes smoke, and humidity make your hair dirty in the evening. Some fungal infections or bacterial attacks may make your hair smell bad. You can find some tips to keep your hair, fresh.
  1. Wearing a sheaf’s cap while cooking keeps your hair away from the vaporous cooking oil and its smell.
  1. Avoiding binding of wet hair is another very important tip to keep your hair clean.
  1. Tomato juice is very nourishing tonic to hair and scalp. You should take four tomatoes andqueeze the juice. Apply it on the scalp gently. Leave it for ten to fifteen minutes. Now you can wash it away to see the hair glossy and good smelling.
  1. Lemon juice is a cleansing agent and is nourishing. However, concentrated lemon juice may damage hair scalp. Hence, after mixing lemon juice and water, one can apply it on the scalp and wash it out after five minutes. Lemon juice mixed with egg is a good tonic to hair. The weight portion is better.
  1. A pinch of backing soda mixed with water can remove the foul smell from the hair.
  1. Washing with 1:4 vinegar water ratio is also very useful.

Silky hair flowing down with a sweet gentle smell is a dream of many girls. Little attention can keep the hair healthy and fresh. Hair conditioning is not a difficult job. The beauticians can help but it is not necessary to approach them.

Washing the hair twice and rubbing gently with a towel keeps the hair free of the foul smell of sweat. Adding a little lemon juice in to the water for bath is a good practice. It will surely cleanse the whole skin. The acidity of the lemon juice may cause a little dryness to the skin but perfumed oil application can nullify that effect!

Small girls usually complain about their bad hair condition. They are not well experienced in managing their hair. The natural way of hair conditioning suits them. The good hair cleaning practice will help them all through the life.

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