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How To Clean A Wet Mop?

As you will always agree, a mop is one of the most useful articles for cleaning and wiping floors, articles and windows. Such a useful object that cleans other things deserves its own share of cleaning too! If not, it will become dirtier over the time and allow germs to thrive in it. If you have the advantage of detached mops where the cloth head can be separated, you can easily put it into the washer or washing machine. If not, you have to wash it manually along with the rod. However, as mops are an article of everyday use, they might require frequent cleaning. While buying, buy mops that are of good quality fiber, so that they are easy to clean.

Things you will need:

  1. A bucket (that you have to keep permanently for washing a mop)
  2. A mop wringer (if it is not present along with the mop)
  3. Detergent


  1. If you are cleaning the mop after recent use, rinse the cloth end under water. Warm water is preferable because it makes the cleaning easier. Take it out of the bucket and wring out till most of the water is squeezed out. A mop bucket is also available at certain departmental or hardware stores with an in-built wringing tool. Therefore, using it, you can wring the mop in the bucket itself. Prefer not use this bucket for any other purpose as it might not be germ-free even after you wash it.
  2. Mix a required amount of detergent with warm water in a bucket to obtain a soapy solution. Do not use too much of detergent as a very soapy solution will make it difficult to rinse. Any kind of detergent will work fine; harsh detergents will make the work faster. However, your hands may be roughened.
  3. Dip the cloth head into the solution and keep for a few minutes. Wash it off using soft water and wring out again as you did before till it is almost dry.

Let the mop hang in the Sun or if you keep it indoors, keep it hanged so that it does not touch the ground. This will prevent the formation of mold. However, the disadvantage of most mops is that their degree of cleaning is completely based on manual labor. That is why, as said beforehand, try to buy a soft mop of good quality. Your cleaned mop is good to go!

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