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Polish Your Kitchen Cupboard

The polished kitchen cupboard makes the kitchen look like new. The kitchen cupboards are usually made of wood. The beauty of the wood is exposed when it get polished. The kitchen cupboards are opening and closing many times daily and hence they need regular cleaning and polishing.

If we do not give the necessary attention for long time, you can be sure that the cupboards can lose their lustre. This can make the entire home look shabby. Polishing is the answer to your problems!


  1. The first step to making a cupboard shine like new is cleaning. A piece of cloth can remove the dust over the cupboard. We can dip the cloth in mild soapy water and rub away the stains. Harder stains can be removed by using a tooth brush.
  2. After cleaning, we have to let it get dried
  3. Rub the cupboard with a sponge. Over the dried cupboard, spray the polish and rub it over with a clean cloth. Cotton cloth can give very good result.

Polishing the kitchen cupboards is not very difficult, is it? The smell of the polish is stingy. It cause allergy for some people. Children exposed to it may develop cough and cold. Shellacs, varnish and polyurethane finish are commonly used for kitchen cupboard polishing. Conversion finish and lacquer finish are common today. All the finishes can be cleansed using cloth and mild soap water. Putt a little lemon oil on the finish as it helps to achieve better cleaning! However, never put lemon oil on the finish before six months. While some finishes last long, some fade after six months. Each finish has its own strength. Linseed oil increases the durability of the wood. However, it is not much used to a large extent in kitchen polishing. The common in gradient in kitchen finishes is moisture resistant lacquer. The different finishes differ in name but not much in content.

The kitchen cupboards can be easily polished by us. However, we should study the details and method; otherwise it may make you sad. If you collect as much as information as necessary and go through the steps of polishing steadily, you can achieve the goal in the first attempt.

Today, the kitchen cabinets are made in the factory. It cannot be compared with the handmade antique furniture. Today, employing the services of carpenters is very costly. Ordinary people cannot afford them for kitchen cupboards.

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