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Home Remedy For Cleaning A Battery Terminal

Corrosion often builds up on battery terminals over time. This problem worsens especially if you have not cleaned your battery top and terminals in quite some time.

There are non-toxic ways to clean off your battery that are not only less dangerous for you but healthier for the environment as well. Please keep reading to learn more about non-toxic ways to clean your car or other vehicle battery the safe and non-toxic way.

Simple Steps

You might follow these steps in this order. However, it may not be necessary to always complete every aspect of this process in the exact order as below. However, following as many of these suggestions as possible might help you immensely.

Please view and take advantage of one or more of the following battery-terminal cleaning hints:

  • To clean your battery cable terminals you should mix an equal portion of baking soda with an equal portion of warm water. You need enough to form a thick paste to use to scrub away the corrosion that surrounds these terminals.
  • When scrubbing your battery positive and negative posts you might consider using a wire brush. If the corrosive acid build-up is too thick then you should consider scraping it with a screwdriver. This is also true when it comes time to cleaning the terminal clamps.
  • Once you are read to remove the baking soda after completing the above scrubbing tips, you should take a towel dipped in warm water and wipe the terminals. Once you are done with this, you can start the protective step.
  • You can prevent batter acid build-up (prevent corrosion) from occurring. Petroleum jelly is one substance used for this purpose, which is applied after your terminals have been wiped cleaned with a wet cloth and dried off completely. Dab a small amount of this lubricant on both the positive and negative battery ends.

Precautions to Take

Remember that a battery contains explosive acid. Therefore, you should be careful when working with it. It might help to take the battery out of your care before you start this project.

Furthermore, you might want to consider wearing old clothing and be careful not to get any battery acid on your skin. No matter what clothing you wear, keep some baking soda and water solution hand. You need this to dip in or spray on your clothing in case of a spill.

Remember to that at some point it would be safer to purchase a new battery. It would either be that or find a battery for which you can refill the acid. Still, all vehicle batteries need to be replaced from time to time to ensure proper function in order to prevent car, truck, or other automobile breakdown.

Another useful precautionary tip to keep in mind would be to use thick canvas or similar material of work gloves while doing this. This is the best way to prevent injury to you, as battery acid can eat right through your skin, and even can be potentially fatal.

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